In Lavartex we work to offer our customers peace of mind by providing a full service of rent and washing of specialized textiles, helping them address their business.

Our process

Your business always with available product in four steps.


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Lavartex was founded in 1922. It is a leading company in providing solutions with regard to rental and washing specialized textiles, offering a world-class comprehensive service in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, sport clubs and manufacturing industries by making available sufficient inventories of hygienically clean garments for daily use and operation.

Value proposition
Responsible Technology
Environmental Commitment
Customer Experience


To generate material, intellectual and human wealthness that allows a continuous growth based on competitiveness by striving to be the best option for our clients, employees, shareholders and supplies; this in order to contribute to economic and social development of the regions where we operate and respecting the environment.

To be the best provider of the industry, being able to reach the objectives through the provision of the best experience for our clients, employees and shareholders. To have a competent staff proud of the company that acts with corporate social responsibility.

Team work / Integration: We have passion for collaborating with a personal team in equal treatment and opportunities. We work in process, tasks or objectives with effective communication, humbleness for listening, reasoning and executing all our ideas added to our Lavartex model.

Service: We are highly focused on fulfilling the commitments acquired with internal and external customers. Service unite us. The passion for service.

Effective Communication: We communicate objectively and based on facts and concrete dates, honestly and timely. We make sure that our interlocutor has understood the message.

Empowerment, Responsibility and Accountability: Our greatest value is the person, trusting that he/she will do the right thing at the right time and for the right reason.

Austerity: We avoid unnecessary expenses, activities and/or investments that doesn´t add value.

Innovation: We always demand solutions that add value. The added vale has to be sustainable, measurable and with continuous improvement.

Security: All decisions and actions to be taken must safeguard your own and your partners’ safety, as well as the equipment, facilities, and the environment safety.

Our commitment is to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations by complying with the relevant standard and contractual requirements offering integral solutions with human talent in an environment of continuous improvement.

Ensure that our operations are healthy, safe and sustainable through risk prevention and continuous improvement, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This by contributing to inherit a healthy environment to future generations.

SEAO®, Servisan®, Lavasan®, La Europea®, Manteles®, Higiene Textil del Noreste®, Higiénica Textil®.

Central offices

Calle Lago Alberto #319, Piso 7, Edificio Punto Polanco Col. Granada, Delegación Miguel Hid Ciudad de México, C.P. 11520

Tel. (55) 9138 5300 Sin costo: 800 005 LAVA contacto@lavartex.com